Expert Advice on Vaccinations for Flu and COVID 19- Everything that Parents Must Know!

Backed by the months of daunting virtual classes, social distancing and exhausting homestays, kids and parents can finally take a breath of relief with the announcement of effective vaccinations to deal with the COVID-19 havoc.

Along with the COVID vaccination rolling out for kids in the 5–11 age group, there are also alarms raised by pharmaceutical companies highlighting the efficacy of Flu vaccines. But the good news also invites a bunch of anticipations and contemplations whether both vaccines are equally crucial or not.

With the introduction of Covid-19 and Flu vaccines for kids, there has been a sigh of relief amongst the parents as it can give strong protection to kids. But are two vaccines equally important? Or can you skip the flu vaccine? All such relatable queries can get answered below.

What’s the Ideal Time-Space Between the Two Vaccines?

Most of the parents doubted whether these two vaccines could be given at the same time or not. Pharmaceutical giants are also associating with software companies to generate the right information and awareness about the intake of both doses. It is possible to give the initial Covid-19 vaccine along with the booster of the Flu vaccination simultaneously.

The Chief Director of Covid-19 Response at California recently suggested no side effects or hazards of giving the two vaccinations together. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), both the flu and Covid-19 vaccines are proven effective in ensuring a better immunity system, and there are no substantial side effects of the same.

CDC further elaborated about the clear indications on vaccination drive for flu and Covid-19 vaccine for the younger kids to prevent any further spread in toddlers. However, as both doses trigger your immune system and weaken the body, chances of getting sick surges up by taking these vaccinations together. Hence, it is always a smarter way to space out the time of a few days to augment its maximum efficacy in kids of all age groups.

Professional Opinion on the Flu and Covid Vaccine for Parents to Know

Expert paediatricians boast about the good effects of these two vaccines, and there have been innumerable times when multiple vaccinations are given simultaneously to adults and kids. Hence, there won’t be any worrisome complications even if you plan to take both vaccines simultaneously.

As per the earlier guidelines unleashed by CDC, a 14-day gap was recommended between two vaccines, but there is no statistical relevance on the same. So even if the users tend to seek these doses at some or no interval, there won’t be any major issue occurring at all.

Comfort Spacing is Advisable

Despite the assurance of no side-effects related to the flu and covid-19 vaccine given to the kids, a comfortable spacing can help rule out the effectiveness of both. If you have family vaccination intended in mind, there’s no harm in heading up for the vaccines at one shot!

In 2019–2020, the count of Influenza cases in kids surged up to 7.5 million, which is scary. Parents must bring to the notice of their physician about kids who have any existing medical condition or ailment. Such an approach can help give the right insights to the healthcare providers about vaccines and their positive effects.

Winding Up

Remember that whether its for kids or adults, prioritizing the Covid-19 vaccine over the Flu one is certainly essential. People can prevent a host of infections in kids and allow them a stress-free surrounding with the doses of both these vaccines. Rising cases of influenza also prompt the pharmaceutical companies to run the flu vaccine drive in kids, specifically of the 5–11 age group.

Babies and older people are likely to suffer chronic ailments and taking these vaccines could reduce their occurrence at a phenomenal level. As software companies are infusing technological advancement into the pharma sector, the viability of accurate treatment is surging rapidly. Kudos to the joint efforts!